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Imposter syndrome was never this cool.

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  • The Delay

    I am doing my best to make sure we bring our absolutely currently almost non-existent audience the best content I can off the bat.

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  • The Plan

    So here we are, the journey is beginning. How is it beginning though? How am I going to show my bleebness? Well one of those things is reviews, I will be watching and reviewing anime that I should have watched but have yet to. I mean might as well eviscera- I mean praise the anime […]

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  • The Beginning

    Sometimes you’re a weeb and sometimes, you’re not. Or you’re just not…Idk. Or sometimes, you’re a bleeb. A Black weeb in the world of weebs; trying to traverse the community between the gatekeepers, baddies, and middle-aged ninjas. Not to mention the people who find it necessary to power scale everything. Sometimes these people make you […]

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